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This policy covers library staff employment.

The grand Junction Public Library supports and adheres to all laws and policies dealing with equal employment opportunity, the Civil Rights Acts, the Americans with Disabilities Act, fair employment practices, and other federal, state, and local legislation concerned with employment and hiring practices.

  • Vacancies - Open positions will be advertised as widely as appropriate for the position and be targeted to reach qualified candidates.

  • Staff Development - New employees will receive a general orientation to the library during which employee and director will develop individualized training timeline based on job requirements, experience, and educational needs for position.  All staff are encouraged to attend job related workshops. Staff is expected to stay familiar with current issues in librarianship.
  • Job descriptions - The director and assistants shall have a sincere interest in the Library and its patrons. A complete job description is available at the library.
  • Salary  - Wages shall be set by the Board's recommendation.
  • Job benefits - ALA and ILA dues are paid by the Library for the Director
  • Continuing education - All employees are encouraged to attend continuing education. Any fees for approved classes, mileage, and class time will be compensated.
  • Staff on-the-job conduct, Disciplinary action / grievance procedures, Termination action policies are available at the library