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Administration and Governance

Policies that guide the board and staff in making the library a viable organization.

All policies of the Grand Junction Public Library are available at the library.

  • Local Library Ordinance

Can be found in Chapter 15 of the Grand Junction Code of Ordinance. The Code of Ordinance can be read (or copied) at the library.

It includes Purpose; Library Trustees - Qualification and Organization of the Board; Powers and Duties - Officers, Physical Plant, Charge of Affairs, Hiring or Removal of Personnel, Purachases; Use by Nonresidents, Rules and Regulations, Expenditures, Gifts, Record of Proceedings

  • Board Bylaws

The bylaws of the board of trustees address:

 Adopting written policies to govern the operation of the library; Assisting in seeking adequate support ofr the annual budget; Developing long-range goals for the library; Setting regular meeting times with a quorum present; Hiring a Director (duties include - attending board meetings, selecting library materials, maintain and operate physical plant, hire library staff, keep board informed of all library business)

  • Mission statement

The Grand Junction Public Library is a service of the town of Grand Junction, Iowa. Its services are available to all the people of the towns of Grand Junction, Dana and the surrounding community. The primary purpose of the Library is to purchase, organize and make readily available books and other printed materials, videos and cassettes, and other items so as to stimulate interest, promote individual growth and provide entertainment and recreational materials to its patrons. This service is for everyone.